The Greene Family

The Greene Fammily

Stephen and Rachel Greene have lived in West Augusta ever since they married in 2008. They were excited to start a family, but the longer they went without conceiving naturally, the more they felt that God was going to grow their family in a different way. In June 2011, they started the process to adopt an infant domestically. Now, they are simply waiting for God to bring them to the child He has planned for them.

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The Morrison Family

The Morrison Fammily

The Morrison's live in Evans and have one son Hayden (age 10) and one soon-to-be daughter Ava (age 3). John is an accountant at a local company and Kimberly is a Kindergarten teacher in Columbia County. They feel humbled and blessed that God has chosen them to be the family in which He would place this child. They hope to travel to China in February to bring sweet Ava home to her forever family!

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The Taylor Family

The Taylor Fammily

The Taylors live in the Evans and have four children, Jackson (11), Anna Kate (10), Parker (9), and Grayson (7). Jeff works as a mortgage consultant with Wells Fargo and Katie is a full-time mom. They are blessed that God has called them to adopt a beautiful special needs little girl, age 6, from China and eagerly await her arrival in the summer of 2013.

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The Wilkerson Family

The Wilkerson Fammily

Josh, Audrey, Joshua (9), Jesse (8), and Owen (5) are pursuing the adoption of three young sisters from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After finding their daughters on a Waiting Child List, the process began to move very quickly and they look forward to having their girls home, in their arms, by the summer.

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